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Company information

Company name
Angel Ltd.
#2F Riverside Terrace Ishikawabashi 5-6 Dankei-dori,
Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
establishment year
Representative name
Kaori Fujisaki
Business description
Multi-brand shop management, Import sales,
Unique cosmetics production and sales, Event planning and hosting

Company store information

Company store name
#2F Riverside terrace Ishikawabashi 5-6 Dankei-dori ,
Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
Shop hours
Regular holiday
1st and 3rd Mondays, every Tuesday

Online shop

Shop name
Online shop Angel Paris


In 1995

Founding the Angel Ltd. company and opening the specialty store in Nagoya by importing directly from Paris and Italy.

In 1998

Paris brand “Absolu” leather pants became a big hit.
Starting to import mainly leather products.

In 2000

Participated in Milano collection.
Starting to pioneer an Italian brand.

In 2001

Establishing “Angel’s “original brand in Italy.

In 2004

Travelling around Spain, Morocco and Portugal and exploring a new market outside France and Italy.

In 2005

Starting custom-made on fur category in collaboration with Paris famous fur makers “PAP KIK” and “Pellessimo” This project still continues today.

In 2007

Being featured in a magazines such as “Story” and recognized as the market expert on fashion and beauty. This has become our milestone and we feature in many beauty related events.

In 2008

In Provence, southern France, we pioneered an organic handmade soap which is receiving “Nature et progrès”. Traveling back and forth reguraly between France and Japan starts from this.

In 2009

Starting to commercialize the handmade soap from Provence, southern France under “Le Coco” and relabeled to current “Savonnière ” brand in 2011.

In 2011

Developing the unique original cosmetic of our company brand and researching the latest treatment with iontophoresis which directly applies to dermis.

In 2013

After two years of development, we introduced our company’s unique brand “No make 110” and setup a website for “Smile Organic” which is committed to handmade organic products.

In 2013

Organizing seminars, events, and skincare sessions with market experts regularly.

In 2014

Joining Ayurveda program in Sri Lanka and India. We learn and adopt a philosophy of “inner beauty and healthy being” which is detoxing and cleansing our bodies from inside.

In 2015

Marking Angel’s milestone of the 20th anniversary.
A celebration party in Nagoya hosted for our precious custmers.

In 2016

With the theme of “total beauty” borne of constant traveling over 20 years between France and Japan, we establish the ongoing “Makoto Bijin gathering”.

In 2017

From Provence, southern France!
Renewing the packaging of “Savonnière” the natural herb soap to natural type.

In 2018

Introducing “Japanese tradition” to the French and “French way of life” to the Japanese as a bridge between Japan and France.

In 2019

Organizing events in collaboration with traditional crafts and artworks that have been handed from generation to generation and latest fashion imported directly from France.

In 2020

Rebranding the private label brand natural skincare products to “Fujiskin” and started promoting.

In 2020

Redesigning Angel’s logo.
Starting as a “concept store” with the theme of “Total beauty”.